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Types of Control Relays

Control relays serve an important purpose in the motor controls industry. These devices monitor the amount of electrical current flowing to different parts of the machine. There are many types of control relays; the one you purchase depends on the function it needs to perform. At Power & Controls, Inc. you can find the industry’s favorite Joslyn Clark relays.  

Slim Jim Relays 

Joslyn Clark Slim Jim Relays have a unique selling feature that makes them so popular. Each device’s width is less than 1 ½ inches, which makes it the thinnest relay on the market. When space is tight, these relays get the job done without the need to take up too much room. We have several models with different voltage options, so you can choose the correct type for your specific needs. 

Timing Relays 

Functions that rely on specific time intervals need a unique relay to monitor current flow. This is where timer delay relays come into play. These devices can stop and start circuits with programmed time constraints. Our collection includes Joslyn Clark on-delay relays, which initiates a delay after energization. Timing relays work well in production line applications because one process often relies on the timing of another. 

Phase Monitoring Relays 

Phase monitoring relays keep equipment temperatures at the ideal level. Overheating or power overloads can derail an operation, so it’s important that machinery stalls when these threats occur. We have several Joslyn Clark phase monitoring relays to help you stay on top of phase reversals or imbalances within your system. 

If you need replacement relays for your equipment, shop our online store to find several types of control relays—you’ll get the exact product to meet your requirements. At Power & Controls, Inc., we supply our customers with the absolute best. Let us know if there’s a particular part you’re looking for, and our experienced staff can track it down for you.